Vissel Kobe VS Shimizu S-Pulse, home has a chance of winning

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    Vissel Kobe VS Shimizu S-Pulse, home has a chance of winning
    In the new season, today's soccer tips Shimizu S-Pulse all lost in the first three rounds of the league, and the number of goals conceded in each game reached 2 goals. Shimizu S-Pulse is not good for defense and weak in recent, there is no outstanding performance at all, and the team as early as the countdown to the league, their prospects in this season may not be optimistic.


    Odd analysis:

    For now, the free soccer tips daily Vissel Kobe has an inherent advantage, coupled with the improvement of its strength in the past two years, and the recent defeat of the Shimizu S-Pulse by 3-1 in the Emperor's Cup Japan Football Championship. At present, the handicap odd is Vissel Kobe-0.75, and later it quickly rose to 1 goal in live odds. The support to home team is further improved, and there is a clear intention to prevent the home victory. At the same time, the 1x2 odds fell in different degrees of winning compensation, so this game Vissel Kobe has a great chance of winning.

    Vissel Kobe VS Shimizu S-Pulse

    Pick:Vissel Kobe-0.75

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